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Prof Fukusaki


Last update 2014/04/06

Our Mission

In a turn of the century, environmental, food and energy problems are becoming more inevitable. Now is the time to develop an environmentally friendly and sustainable social system; biotechnology plays a key role in this challenge.  Bioresource Engineering is a technology in search of a “core biological agent”, and to evaluate its practicality. Our laboratory challenges the issues utilizingmetabolomics as our core competence.  Our mission is to raise human resources, who will be the international leaders of the Biotechnology field. See the attached file.


Message to the Applicants

Many students want to join in our research team from the oversea countries. PhD candidates must be encouraged to explore various techniques and applications in metabolomics. Our laboratory is conducting technology driven research subjects. Therefore, prospect applicants should have a strong background not only in biotechnology but also in analytical chemistry, chemometrics or multivariate analysis, and related areas. Students without these backgrounds would have difficulty succeeding in our research field. However, we also understand that the most important item for the applicant is ‘passion’. We wish that you find the best laboratory for you.
Applicants who want to join Fukusaki-Lab can apply scholarship benefit. Visit "Recruiting" page to learn it.  [Click here]
Eiichiro Fukusaki,
2014/05/16 19:45